Cock-a-Doodle Don’t: Rural King Slapped with Cease-and-Desist for Chick Neglect

For Immediate Release:

August 7, 2023


Sarah Gold, ‭(972) 658-0575‬

Mattoon, Ill.Today, “America’s Farm and Home Store” is being told to cease and desist apparent crimes against animals.  The nonprofit Legal Impact for Chickens is demanding that Rural King stop neglecting chicks and start complying with West Virginia’s anti-cruelty law.

The letter cites complaints made to Legal Impact for Chickens from members of the public alleging that Rural King has repeatedly failed to provide chicks with access to water while they’re in the company’s stores, as required by law.  Videos and images reportedly recorded at a West Virginia Rural King location show chicks who appear to be dead or dying from thirst.  In some cases, the problem seems to result from the use of adult-chicken watering devices, which young chicks cannot use.

“Unlike the mulch, screwdrivers, and other merchandise that Rural King sells, chicks are living beings with feelings and needs–and legal protections,” says Legal Impact for Chickens President Alene Anello.  “Rural King can do what it likes with its screwdrivers and mulch, but animal cruelty is a crime.”

The Illinois-based farm supply store, Rural King Supply, has retail locations throughout the country.  It sells a wide range of items, including live chicks.  It’s the same company which previously was reportedly caught throwing live chicks in the trash.

Legal Impact for Chickens is asking any members of the public with additional evidence of cruelty at Rural King to share that information with the nonprofit animal-welfare charity.  In the case of animals in immediate danger, members of the public are reminded that they can also always contact their local police.

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