Alenes Story: 

How I went from bird lover to bird lawyer (yes, it's a thing).

Three photographs of Legal Impact for Chickens founder Alene Anello: One shows Alene with her cockatiel bird, Conrad. One shows Alene meeting a turkey and a chicken. One shows Alene smiling in a suit.

When we think about where eggs or chicken come from, most of us imagine happy hens roaming in green pastures, or pecking at scratch on Old MacDonald’s farm.  This is how I wish chickens were treated.

Sadly, most birds raised for meat and eggs in the U.S. are treated far worse than the advertising would have you believe.

That’s one of the reasons I started Legal Impact for Chickens.  Our mission is to file strategic litigation to make factory farms improve the conditions their animals live in.  We believe that chickens deserve better.  Chickens should be treated with at least the amount of respect that poultry industry advertising often implies in its ads.

One of our primary goals is to file lawsuits that make the industry fit the perceptions that people have.  In terms of the way chickens are treated, we want to make the reality closer to what everyday people would consider acceptable.

The other reason I started Legal Impact for Chickens is Conrad. 

A photograph of Conrad sitting on a pile of assorted objects on top of a dresser, in order to look at his reflection in the mirror

My parents bought me my first pet bird, a cockatiel named Conrad, when I was eleven years old.  I fell instantly in love with him and we became best friends.  Seeing how much of an individual Conrad was; how he had his own feelings, opinions, and needs; and how much he enjoyed being near his loved ones (including me!), got me thinking about other birds in our world. 

I became passionate about animal advocacy, after learning about chickens on factory farms and not wanting my money to support the inhumane treatment of birds who were—in every way that matters—just like Conrad.

Conrad was my family for 22 years, and he recently passed away.  But there are billions of Conrads in cramped, barren cages in factory farms.  Their lives are short and miserable.  None of them get to grow old, like Conrad did.  None of them get to have a human companion who loves them and cares for them.  When I visited an animal sanctuary and met chickens for the first time, it only drove this fact home.

Legal Impact for Chickens files strategic lawsuits to improve the conditions of chickens and other animals on factory farms.  We’ll do whatever it takes to hold the poultry industry accountable, and to push it in the direction of making the way they treat chickens look more like the way they advertise.

But we can’t do it without you! Please make a donation today in support of our work for chickens.

Written for Legal Impact for Chickens by Ian Elwood (and Alene)